What happened on Day 1 & 2…epic

Hello Bike for Backpacks Fans!  We are two days into our journey and although our Marketing Team is rockin’ the media I wanted to get a written update for those that are following.

We are now two days into the trip and let me just say, we have an AWESOME crew this year.  It’s great fun to have multiple riders and incredible support along the way.  My (Michael’s) sister Amanda is supporting the cause by driving the RV and making sure we all have what we need, invaluable!  Amanda, you rock!

On Monday we drove to Glenwood Springs (157 miles) from Denver and learned how to navigate our 32 ft. RV, let me tell ya, it’s a learning experience but pretty fun.  We had a fun evening in Glenwood with most of our initial crew minus Michael Turra who met us on the trail between Glenwood and Aspen the next day.

Tuesday morning we set out for what one might call a “spiritual experience” as we rode along the Roaring Fork river, 40 miles to Aspen.  Truly, some of the most spectacular trail and scenery we could ever have asked for.  We had beautiful weather outside a fleeting squall about 15 minutes out of Aspen.  Aspen is pretty quiet this week as it’s the shoulder season and the annual Ruggerfest doesn’t kick up until next weekend.  We connected with my Uncle John who joined us for dinner – and before we knew what was happening, picked up the tab – thank you John!

We set up our RV at Kock Park where we enjoyed the afternoon sunshine, hanging our Bike for Backpacks banners and promoting our cause.  Everyone we speak to is so receptive and supportive.  In fact, we collected $40 on the top of Independence Pass today….we stood between the summit sign and told people we would take their photo in exchange for a donation, kidding…only sort of 🙂

This morning we got rolling about 9:30 as a couple of folks had business to take care of first thing.  We aren’t rushed to beat the heat because it’s pretty consistently in the 60s but here in Colorado, afternoon showers are common so we still need to beat a hasty retreat each morning.

Today was riding a route that I’ve always dreamed about but had never done – Independence Pass that winds through some spectacular scenery from 7,500 – 12,095 ft. at the summit.  Needless to say we needed to stop and catch our breath at the top and take advantage of some photo ops.  Terri, our flat-lander rider from Minneapolis chose to co-pilot with Amanda today who drove the “long way” from Aspen back to pick us up in Twin Lakes.

At the time of this writing, we are sitting in our RV with our feet up, beer in hand and enjoying an incredible view from the top of Leadville looking west to Turquoise lake.

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