Welcome 2016 Bike For Backpack Riders

The 2016 Bike For Backpacks Fundraising Ride, schedule for September 13-17 is firing up.  We are riding through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado again this year and we have additional riders coming along for the journey this year.  Welcome this awesome cast of riders…or cast of “Mikes”…

Jason Lampe, my former roommate from our days at CU Boulder.  We are fortunate to catch “Lampe” between trips between his two homes of Vail, CO and NYC, NY.

Michael Turra, as a new father to a 9 month old, kudos to you my college friend for taking the time away to join us this year.  We are trusting the your Italian roots will pave the way for a cycling adventure.

Mike Snell, the outstanding father, teacher, gentleman and lucky man that married my incredible sis Molly.  I can’t wait to make this journey with you Mikey.

Terri Blattenbauer, our dear friend for Apple Valley, MN.  Terri and Virgil have known each other for 30 years…don’t be offended if they spontaneously start laughing and you don’t “get it”.  Thank you Terri (and Cheryl) for making the journey to Colorado to ride with us again this year…Terri rode the 2nd to last day with us last  year…it was all uphill, right?

Jeff Young, brilliant CPA and gracious mentor to The CE Shop in the Colorado Companies to Watch program.  Jeff, I’m excited to get to know you better!  Thanks for your blind trust and sense of adventure in joining us.

Mike Matoush, the brains and horsepower behind The CE Shop courses and all around great guy.  Mike rode the last day with us our first year, welcome back Mike!

And my partner in fundraising and VP of HR at The CE Shop.  Cheers to another epic year!

Welcome all of you guys and gal, it’s going to be a great ride.  Thank you for your commitment as we raise funds to help eliminate childhood hunger!

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