We made it to Wahpeton, ND

Wahpeton, NDThis morning was terrific!  We were fortunate to have  Marcia Paulson from the Great Plains Food Bank escort us along with our daughter Anna Seibold and  Karen Miller her rock star mom from Fargo. It was a beautiful morning~it’s funny how you don’t appreciate where you are from until the day after “tomorrow” to appreciate it. 🙂 We connected with the new pastor at Emmmanuel Lutheran church in Abercrombie, ND who was in his first day on the job and couldn’t be nicer.  He was outside trimming bushes making sure that his grounds looked good.   He offered us water, a restroom and pretty much anything else we would have needed which we really appreciated. We have been training with just the two of us so having Bernadette and Jeff with with us has brought us a sense of calm to the chaos. There were many great photos were taken this morning, I’ve asked Wynter to create the Gallery page for us so that we can get that section of the site populated.   Thank you team for rooting us along!  Thank you all for your support!

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