Up, Up, Up and then down we went

Day 2 – Idaho Springs to Frisco

Thank you Columbine Inn

Thank you Columbine Inn

After a good night of rest we were up early and ready to hit the road.  We knew going in that today was likely going to be our most challenging day both in terms of miles and vertical climb…and the route did not disappoint.  Those of you who are in Colorado and familiar with cycling have heard of the epic ride by the name of the Triple Bypass.  This ride is 100 miles in length and crosses not one, not two but three mountain passes all in one day.  Our route this year essentially follows the same path, however one major difference…we cross just one pass each day.  Yesterday we crossed Squaw Pass and today was Loveland Pass and tomorrow is Vail Pass.  Loveland is definitely the steepest but also the shortest with serious climbing for only four miles.

Georgetown Loop1

Virgil takes over pulling Bob out of Georgetown

From Idaho Springs we had a really nice gradual climb of 13 miles to the historic town mining town of Georgetown.  Just past the historic center we came across the Georgetown Loop railroad and museum where a new bicycle path has recently been paved.  We tip our bike helmets to the people of Colorado for having some truly fantastic bike paths, today was really about the nicest route we’ve ever experienced.  The pictures here will give you a glimpse of them, specifically from Silver Plume to the base of Loveland pass, really beautiful.


It was 28.6 miles (but who’s counting) from our doorstep to the summit of Loveland Pass.  The last 4 were the wicked climb from the ski resort up where we had to stop and capture some footage.

It was a great feeling to peddle our way to the top of the world on behalf of hungry children in our country

It was a great feeling to peddle our way to the top of the world on behalf of hungry children in our country

It was an amazing feeling to be literally at the top of the world on our bikes, accompanied by tourists and massive trucks who were either too large or carrying hazardous materials not allowed in the Eisenhower tunnel – which is the way most people get across the Continental Divide.

The cruise down from the summit past Arapaho Basin into Keystone was fantastic.  Again, reminded of the funny little dance that Bob likes to do at high speeds… we were happy to trade a few millimeters off our brake pads to keep Bob from getting too crazy.   The road leveled out nicely once we got to Keystone and enjoyed a scenic 10 more miles around Lake Dillon into the town of Frisco.  Big shout out again to Liz who booked our room a stones throw from Whole Foods Market where we filled up our stomachs and savored a terrific day.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped in Epic Mountain Gear and met a member of their team by the name of

Thank you Lauren and Epic Mountain Sports

Thank you Lauren and Epic Mountain Sports

Lauren.  Lauren has been living in Frisco for about a year and we would have sworn she was a native.  She provided all kinds of suggestions and insights for our stay.  Thank you Lauren for sharing Bike for Backpacks on the Epic Sports Facebook page!

Based on Lauren’s suggestion we visited the Backcountry Brewery right down the street for a little bit of liquid refreshment, burgers and pizza…yes burgers AND pizza!

Tomorrow’s route takes us from Frisco to Vail and back again also marking the official half way point in the ride before we retrace our pedal strokes and sail into the Mile High City for our Finish Line Event.  Please plan to join us, we’ll have food, drinks and fun for the whole family.

Thanks to everyone who’s taking the time to read our posts AND for your continued promotion of our cause!

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