Soaring through the Sand Hills

Sunrise in the Sand Hills

Sunrise in the Sand Hills

It’s the start of a fresh new week, happy Monday everyone.  Not the traditional Monday, except that we were up good and early as if we were at home.  We hit the road just as the sun was poking up to greet the full moon from last night.  A beautiful morning.  We had a really friendly crowd for breakfast.  Three guys were coming off of a week at Sturgis working at the Harley Davidson dealership installing stereo systems.  They expressed that they weren’t able to see a lot of the rally but “if the people watching were even half as good as what we saw at the dealership, sign me up for next year!”  A road construction crew reassured us that hwy. 83 was good as gold rolling south.  A couple from Denver with their 12 year old Golden Retriever (my favorite!) we on their way home, having just completed the CANDISC in North Dakota.  As it turns out the woman’s sister lives in Fargo and of course, with only 2 degrees of separation in ND, Virgil knew the folks.

Breakfast left a bit to be desired but we fueled up and hit the road, and a beautiful one it was.  We had cool (57 degrees) and smooth sailing for pretty much the entire way.  There was some construction to contend with but nothing that cramped our style too much.  The flag person warned us that there were “trucks and mills” at the bottom of the hill.  Knowing what one was, but not the other, we rode through while traffic on either end was at a standstill.   I did have a bit of a scare as my camera that sits strapped onto my bike came disconnected and rattled my spokes a bit…Just as this happened I “awakened” from my daydreaming about the business.  We are launching a new product later this year and my mind was turning and churning with ideas.  I tip my hat to everyone at The CE Shop who continues to live and breath our mission!  I’m sure glad my daydreaming didn’t cause too much of a mishap.

We have made progress south, not it's mostly west.

We have made progress south, not it’s mostly west.

We’ve now traveled all the way south to I-80 and will begin a much more aggressive path westward beginning tomorrow.  For a frame of reference North Platte, NE is approximately on an equal latitude to Cheyenne, WY.  In the map at left, you can see our starting city of Fargo, ND and how far we’ve come towards our destination city of Denver, CO.  We are headed to Ogallala tomorrow, then to Sidney for our second day of rest.   As a reminder, anyone and everyone is welcome to ride with us at any point along the way.


Michael & Virgil


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