Soaring through lake country

Eagles nesting

Eagles nesting in no man’s land

In last nights post I made mention of the route for today, and sure enough I believe there was ONE bend in the road for the whole 62 miles.  It was at that bend that we witnessed the SD State Patrol pulling over what appeared to be a rather innocent looking gaggle of vacationers in their mini van…trouble on the prairie maybe??

With the exception of about 20 miles of really poor shoulder, today’s journey was smooth sailing.  As depicted in the photo, we were surrounded by many lakes, although a large chain where we captured this series of eagles nesting was unnamed (per Google maps).  The larger Lake Poinsett to the north was reminiscent of the Minnesota lakes area and brought a smile and sense of home.

Our mid-day stop was in Arlington, SD where we were greeted by a very friendly cashier at the Handi-Mart.  She, along with man named Fred (who was sipping his coffee and either hard of hearing or not the slightest bit interested in conversation) were the only folks to be seen for a mile.  From the look on his face, spandex biking shorts don’t exactly prompt an invite to, “Come on over and sit down a spell.  Let’s talk.”  We managed to choke down a nice snack, refill our water bottles and get the wheels turning again.  Our Bike For Backpacks flag gave us a bit of trouble today, it kept flying off causing us to turn back and put it back into place.  Each time we pushed it a little farther down it’s mast, tomorrow we rejoice over our first application for our roll of duct tape!  Never leave home without it.

We rolled into Madison (pop. 6,500), checked in, had a hearty lunch and spent the afternoon catching up on the business of The CE Shop.  Thank you to Bryon, Debbie, Laura, Ken, Bret and Mark whom I had the opportunity to connect with today.

My intentions for this post was to dive more deeply into the history of the Backpack program and our collective fundraising progress (thank you to The CE Shop team for your focus and of course to our marketing team).  I’ll work on that for tomorrow’s post.

Until then, rest easy and enjoy the journey…I know we will!

Michael & Virgil

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