Sailing into home

Leaving Idaho SpringsIt was bittersweet embarking upon our final day in this years Bike for Backpacks journey.  After more than 200 miles we had become well re-acquainted with our bicycles and the sound of the river running alongside us.

Hwy 103 out of Idaho Springs led us southbound before heading east to climb up the back side of Squaw pass, a challenging 16.5 mile climb.  Around each corner of the climb was another climb, and another breathtaking view that looked like a

Thank you Rick for the great chili and cornbread

Thank you Rick for the great chili and cornbread

backdrop from a movie scene. We paused at mile 13 for a pit stop and to say hello to and capture a photo with our friend Rick at the Echo Lake Lodge.  Rick had fueled us up on day one with some of their famous chili and cornbread.

IMG_3901After we hit the summit and gave a video salute to The CE Shop team for their support we began another exhilarating descent, greeting dozens of climbers along the way as we sailed into Bergen Park where it all began just a few days prior.  We paused at the bottom and reflected on how grateful we were to have experienced Squaw from both directions…relishing the downhill experience.

The ride from Bergen Park to Morrison along the highway was smooth and easy, bringing us to the C-470 and Bear Creek Trail.  Our arrival back to approximately 5,280 feet brought with it much warmer weather and a little more oxygen.  The next 20 miles was very familiar to us as we headed to the Finish Line Event that had been planned by the team.

Riding inWhen we rounded the corner at the Landmark we were greeted by friends, co-workers and family all cheering us into the finish line.  It was a warm and welcoming reception including our friend Janie from the Food Bank of the Rockies.  The afternoon was filled with the spirit of all of those that believe so strongly in our cause.


A big thank you to the team members of The CE Shop who gave the event their all and brought spouses, children, parents and friends.  The boys belonging to Wynter, Rebecca and Mike have a serious future in sales and or fundraising – great work guys!  It was fantastic to see our families and so many friends both new and old.  A big shout out to my cousin Kris and her family for driving all the way to attend the event and support us.

Thanks McCormicks and our funny waiter

Thanks McCormicks and our funny waiter

Thank you for your support

The CE Shop team has many more photos of the Finish Line Event that we will post out here from the event.  Thank you all so very much for a very successful ride.  We’ll get news out soon of our results as well as keep you posted on our plans to make next years ride even better!

Ride on!


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