Rays of hope – ending childhood hunger

IMG_3688We are now less than a month away from our 5 day journey through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Training time has been limited mostly to early morning rides along the Cherry Creek Trail and the Platte River Trail – thank you city of Denver for maintaining these great trails.

Each morning ride reminds me of how fortunate I am to be physically healthy enough to ride, have all of my senses to soak up the incredible beauty of this place called Colorado…AND to have the opportunity to bring hope to the millions of hungry children in our country.   It’s mind boggling to me that in a nation as rich as ours that there are still over 18M children who are hungry. We are changing that!

I caught this photo last weekend in the evening at the exact point where our wheels hit the Cherry Creek Trail each morning – it symbolizes for me the hope that exists for all those young people who YOUR contributions are helping.  Please join our cause by making a financial contribution  – only $4 feeds a family of four for an entire weekend!  This year’s goal – 5,000 children/families.

Next time you are up early and feel the urge to log some miles, join us on the Cherry Creek Trail!

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