Our second (and last) day of rest

Today was the second day of planned rest for the 18 day journey.  Although we wanted to be tough in our comments by saying “We probably didn’t need a day of rest”, we actually enjoyed a little reprieve.  Our behinds are silently rejoicing with a little bit of a break from the saddle.

We started the morning by throwing our bodies a little curve ball with 5-mile run.  It was more of a jog really – a slow one.  Although it may sound odd that we went for a run on a day off, it felt good to engage some different muscles.  The day-after-day of the same position on the cycle can take it’s toll.

We each did some work and the morning flew by in a flash.  At noon, we connected with Brynn (last name?) and Kevin Wallevand, for a follow up story on WDAY.  We had a lot of fun with this and can tell that it’s going to be great to tell the stories we’ve accumulated along the way.  It was hard to decide which of the many amazing things we were going to share today.  We talked about having 750 miles already behind us and 186 to go over the next 4 days. We shared that we have reached roughly 1375 of the 2000 backpacks goal. We’ve also been fortunate not to have any mechanical issues, outside of Virgil’s flat tire in Ogallala.

The afternoon brought a little more work for both of us and while Michael’s work schedule was more packed than mine, I decided to ride down to the Cheyenne Valley Community Center for a little resistance training with weights.  It was a great facility and this is where today’s inspiration comes from.  As I was <slowly> going through the motions of lifting weights and pretending that I was working hard, it was evident that my attention was focused more on the bulletin board then working out.  Among the diet tips, workout routines,  and “Smile, the cameras are watching you” signs, were a couple of great reminders.  The first was about Challenge and Change.  Ironic, that as I was just going through the motions of lifting weights <without challenging myself>, that I would be reminded that the challenge is where the changes can occur.  With neither Michael nor I being cyclists…at all…this ride has been a great challenge that has brought about, not only change in us, but such positive reinforcement about the great people everywhere, who want to help, and make a difference.photo (19)

Food - Power or Poison

Food – Power or Poison

The second reminder was a quote by Ann Wigmore, a Lithuanian holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, whole foods advocate, health educator, author, and doctor of Divinity (1909 – 1993).  It’s been easy during this trip, while were burning between 3000 – 4000 calories, to belly up and shovel in the grub.  While we’ve done our fair share of that, we also tried to keep in mind that our bodies need to recognize the nutrient value of foods in order to create the sustainable energy.  All great reminders.  

As I was doing more reading than working out, there was a darkening of the skies going on, and it grabbed my attention with the loud crash of thunder.  Sure enough…it was a downpour…complete with hail…and I had ridden my bike!  I waited it out, until what looked like a break in the clouds, and headed for the hotel (about 3 miles away).  I got nearly halfway and it began to downpour again. I made it to a Cenex station for some shelter under the gas pump roof (is there a name for that?), until the next break.  Luckily, about 15 minutes later, it let up enough to continue.

So many people have been sending us encouragement via text, Facebook, email, etc.  Our friend Joe Stadstad, has been sending us daily inspirations.  Here is today’s text from Joe.  As always, the perfect message, at the perfect time.  Thanks Joe!!

From Joe - the consistent friend!

From Joe – the consistent friend!




Tomorrow, we will cross into Colorado at about 5 miles into the ride and we’ll end up Sterling, Colorado.  This marks our 4th state and the first of the last 4 days of riding for this journey.


If you happen to be in Brighton, CO (or know anyone who will be) on Monday Aug 18, we will be escorted via pace car from Brighton to the Food Bank of the Rockies (starting around 8:15 AM) and we would love to have any and all riders join us for the 20 mile finale.  A media release was sent today to the top 25 press outlets in Denver, so hopefully they will be jockeying for the story!

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