On the homeward stretch

Denver, here we come!

Denver, here we come!

It was another beautiful morning today!  We thought we were getting out early at 7am, however discovered quickly that we likely need to be rolling by about 6am tomorrow…it’s gotten rather warm by 10am, the temperature has changed significantly as we have traveled south.  Let’s hope this stays the case this winter. 🙂

The roads from Sterling to Fort Morgan were friendly, although a limited shoulder most of the way.  The community continues to be agriculturally focused with an emphasis on cattle and feed manufacturing.  The most significant town we passed through today was Brush, CO named after Jared Brush who actually never lived in Brush but did settle Greeley, CO home of Northern Colorado University.  Greeley always reminds me of my friend Christy Mayer from my CU days and the Monfort brothers, the meat packing barons now primary owners of the Colorado Rockies

We rolled into Ft. Morgan by about lunch time and were referred to Cables Pub & Grill on Main Street where we had a great lunch.  Our home for the night is the Clarion on the far, far west end of town so we poked around a little bit before trucking it out another 5 miles to wrap up our day.

As I sit here writing this, I just asked Virgil, “do we have any photos from today?”….”Nope, it was a rather uneventful day today” replies Virgil.

Tomorrow is our second to last day on the road, into Brighton, CO.   We heard last evening about a Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO that specializes in large cats!  Keenesburg, is between here and Brighton (closer to Brighton) and would be really cool to stop by however it adds about 15 miles and it’s recommended to be there first thing in the morning for best viewing…so, I think it will need to happen on another trip.

As we speak Virgil is messaging with our friend Brian McCormick who recently moved to outside Boulder, CO who is going to ride with us, it will be great to have you Brian!  Thank you Kristi for driving him out to meet us!

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