Meet Backpack Jack’s buddy Bob

For those of you familiar with our Give Back Program at The CE Shop, you know about Back Pack Jack – The CE Shop Foundation backpack we all take with us when we have our Day of Giving, and for me, it’s my everyday laptop bag.  Our ride from Fargo to Denver is totally self contained so we needed a way to transport our “stuff”….this is where Bob comes in.  Each time we would ask an expert about how to best transport our things, the Bob trailer kept coming up.  So, we found a great deal on eBay and now we are out training with Backpack Jack’s buddy Bob, loaded down to emulate how it might be on our ride

Training rides with the weight of the trailer

Training rides with the weight of the trailer

.  In this photo it was Virgil’s opportunity to pull Bob.  Thank you in advance Bob for your service as we traverse the many miles beginning this Friday!

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