Magellan on a bike

AKA Jeff Kolpak was up till the wee hours of the night plotting our route from Wahpeton, ND to Sisseton, SD.  One turn or two turns Jeff?  All kidding aside, thank you Jeff and Bernadette for being our travel companions today, it was great to have you along enjoying the miles together.

It only took until we were 84.5 miles out of Fargo to encountered our first hills.  Within 200 yards of entering South Dakota we began to see pretty dramatic changes in the landscape, hills, lakes, twists and turns in the road along with fewer sugar beats and more corn and soy beans…lots and lots of corn and soy beans!

Our first state line

Our first state line


Shortly down the winding road was the Rosholt, SD where we parked ourselves outside the Amstar convenience store for our mid morning snack.  We met three new supporters of Bike For Backpacks in cashiers Barb and Megan and patron Carol.  Thank you to these three terrific ladies for the nice conversation and generous donations!

Cashier/Donor Barb

Cashier/Donor Barb

Carol, our new supporter from South Dakota

Carol, our new supporter from South Dakota


Megan was taking over for the day as Barb wrapped up her shift. Thank you Megan for your very generous donation to our cause!


We wrapped up our snack and kept rolling down the road.  Fortunately, the sun stayed behind the clouds and we remained relatively cool until about noon when it got a little steamy.  There was very little traffic today, in fact we had the road mostly to ourselves.  The residents of S. Dakota have an affinity for pickup trucks, specifically red or white ones….each red one that passed us by sent Jeff into convulsions remembering the red pickup that carried an offensive license plate criticizing his beloved Bison.  We kept reassuring him!

The last 10 miles of our 60 mile ride carried on and on and included an interlude with a rather vicious dog, fortunately Virgil rode faster than Spot.


When we rolled into Sisseton the Super 8 appeared like a beacon in the night (thank you Liz for the reservations!).

The Super 8, our beacon in the night...OK, daylight!

The Super 8, our beacon in the night…OK, daylight!

A quick shower and a 1.5 mile walk took us to the END of town and the Buffalo Wallow Bar and Grill that was recommended by our gracious front desk clerk as the “best restaurant in town”.  When we walked in Beck, the owner shared that she didn’t start serving food for another hour!  Keep in mind, it’s now 3pm and the frosted flakes we consumed in Wahpeton @ 7am had been burned up miles ago.  Beck took pity on us offering a cold drink while we waited for her cook to punch in for work.  Beck went on to explain that she opened her establishment 6 years earlier constructing it from an abandoned church and garage.  Beck and her son built the place themselves with doors, moldings and other interesting furnishings from various parts of abandoned buildings around the area.  We left Beck and friends after enjoying some sandwiches and conversation, of course via the Tasty Freeze for a sweet treat before ending up back at our “home” for the night.

Tonight we bid our friends Bernadette and Jeff goodbye as they head back to Fargo with Jeff’s daughter Leah.  Safe travels, it’s a good thing Magellan is behind the wheel!

Tomorrow, we conquer Watertown, SD

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