End-of-Ride Event 2017


With event volunteers and attendees lining both sides of the bike path cheering, our cyclists concluded their ride by biking in to our End-of-Ride Event at Saint Patrick’s Brewery in Littleton, Colorado. In total, they cycled 226 miles in an accident-free 4th year of Bike For Backpacks.

Our End-of-Ride Event was slightly different than last year, despite being in the same location. We bumped the time back 4 hours so as to be the main event of attendees’ Saturday as opposed to an event in the middle of the day. As a result, our riders set out quite a bit later from Idaho Springs than they did last year, but that meant they could sleep in and have a nice brunch before tackling their last 44 miles.


We also added raffled prizes to this year’s event, and we managed to put together some really unique and enticing packages made up of donated goodies. Our friends at Saint Patrick’s worked out a much better system for us to sell beer than we had last year, and the weather cooperated and gave us a great day to hang outside.

All of these factors contributed to a really successful event, and the perfect way to cap off a great week of riding through beautiful mountain scenery.


Though we haven’t yet tallied our final donation numbers, it’s safe to say we’re well on our way to reaching our $40k goal for the year. That $40k is the amount needed to feed the 400 students at Marie L. Greenwood Academy for this school year, and you can still donate! Visit BikeForBackpacks.com and make a difference in the fight against childhood hunger.

Here’s a video recapping some highlights from Bike For Backpacks 2017:

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