Day 3 2017


Day 3 has come and gone, and the fall colors have gotten more intense throughout the mountains.

The riders woke up to a chilly morning in Leadville and took to their bikes for a beautiful ride up Fremont Pass. At an altitude of 11,316 feet, Fremont Pass is the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, and a weathered placard at the top commemorates that history.

On Day 2, the team was momentarily held up because of a film crew stopping traffic on a narrow mountain road, and Day 3 had us crossing paths with them again. No news on what movie or show is filming, but they picked some great scenic locations.

Photo Sep 14, 8 34 13 AM

Down the other side of Fremont Pass into Copper, the cyclists rode fast on narrow roads, hitting a blistering 45 mph. Everyone made it down in one piece and regrouped for a quick break at Copper Mountain before soaring into Frisco. The last 9 miles of the day were along the Blue River into Breckenridge.

The hotel for the night happened to have a hot tub, so the riders relaxed sore muscles before heading to an amazing Italian dinner at Giampietro.

Full on delicious Italian, the group headed to bed early, ready to crush it from Breckenridge to Idaho Springs for their second-to-last day of riding.

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