Colorado at last…come join us on Monday!

Today, after spending the last 7 days in Nebraska, we crossed into our fourth, and “home” state of Colorado, roughly 5 miles out of Sidney, NE.  The first “city” we came to was Peetz.  Then, we passed through Lorenzo, and finally arrived at our home for the night, the Comfort Inn, Sterling, CO.

Our 4th and home state!

Our 4th and home state!

We were excited to find out that we have raised over 3/4 of our 2000 backpacks goal for this journey.  Imagine the faces of those 1500 kids, in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado (and numerous other places from the additional donations we collected throughout our journey), when they g, et their backpack of food for the weekend.  Those are the faces that have kept us peddling instead of complaining.  Even better, imagine if it were 2000 or more!!  Please help us reach our goal by donating now.


The route today was nice, narrow but nice.  As we pulled out of Sidney we soared past the world headquarters for Cabela’s.  For the hunting, fishing enthusiast (Ken) it’s a mecca for sure.  You will recall in an earlier post from Day 13 “Car back”, the ritual that we engage in, well today’s post should have been titled “Cars continue to be back, then up, then back, then back AND up”.  There was virtually no shoulder today so we found ourselves hollering “car back” or “big truck back” no less than a hundred times.  It’s always a little nerve racking sharing a two lane highway with large 18-wheelers, but fortunately we rolled into Sterling unscathed.

We found that the terrain changed almost immediately when we crossed over the Colorado state line…Eastern Colorado is GREEN!  For those of you who live in Colorado or are familiar with the state, this is very abnormal.  We understand the residents of this area are fully embracing this abnormality and the beauty that goes with it.  Although we are in Colorado we are still too far East to see the Rocky Mountains.  That will be a site to behold, one that you can be sure will show up here in the next few days, so stay tuned.

We will travel through 2 more cities (Fort Morgan and Brighton) before reaching our final destination at the Food Bank of the Rockies on Monday morning, August 18th.  We already have a few confirmed additional riders for this last leg of the journey, and a confirmed pace car to lead the way.  We’d love to have additional riders!

If you’re considering joining us for the departure from Brighton, any portion of the ride, or the arrival at the Food Bank of the Rockies, here are a few details to answer questions you may have, along with a map of our anticipated route:Route for Monday

  • The Brighton to Food Bank of the Rockies portion is roughly 18-20 miles.
  • We’ll be traveling at approximately 13-17 mph, which is a comfortable pace on a touring or racing cycle, and very doable on almost any bicycle.
  • Kids are welcome to join all or part of the ride, so, parents, bring their bikes (and them…and their helmets) and dress them in something fluorescent.
  • We’re planning to leave from the Comfort Inn, Brighton, between 8:15 and 8:30am, and we anticipate a 10:00am arrival at the Food Bank of the Rockies.
  • Bring plenty of water and a light snack (apple, granola bar, etc.).

This morning we were contacted by a Denver media team, so there is a slight media rumble beginning. Our amazing Marketing Manager, Wynter Johnson, made sure that a Media Advisory was released to the Top 25 press outlets in the Denver area, so we’re hoping that word gets out.

We are excited for the next few days as we bring our fundraising journey to a close.  Thank you for your continued promotion as we reach for our goal of 2,000 backpacks!


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