Challenge the comfort zone

Challenge that comfort zone

Try what feels impossible!

It’s been funny the feedback we’ve received since we decided to embark upon this journey, comments like:

“Wow, you guys must really be avid cyclists”

“I can’t imagine ever being able to ride that far”

“Seriously, Fargo to Denver?!?”

“I could never do that!”

Trust me when I tell you, Virgil and I really aren’t avid cyclists, we frankly haven’t ever logged more than a couple of long rides a season.

When passion meets challenge, great things happen and we feel so strongly about this incredible cause that we were willing to do just about anything to make a difference.  Life presents one great opportunity after another to challenge ourselves to be more, to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.  This journey is going to do just that, challenge us and give us an opportunity to demonstrate to our team a couple of our Company Core Values –

  • We are Committed to Improving –  both our own lives but the lives of the many children and families that will benefit from the turn of our wheels and the generosity of all of you.
  • We Do What We Say – We let this idea out of the proverbial “bag” back in January and sure enough, we are going to do it!
  • We Have Fun – Sure, I’m a little sore and a little tired from training but it’s all worth it and we have had some great fun so far and know the ride ahead will be as well!  I hope some of you will come out to join us.

Life is short, jump in and challenge yourself and those around you to do something you never thought you could do – you just might surprise yourself have some fun in the process!