Celebrating Life…

Celebrating LifeUpon arrival in Sisseton, SD, we met a great family on their way out of the hotel. Seeing the bicycles, and trailer, and four tired and hungry riders, they asked us what we were doing, where we were going, etc. We had an opportunity to tell them a little bit of our story. Since they were dressed up, I asked if they were on their way to a party. They said, “Well, yeah, kind of…well, yes…actually it is a party”. We wished each other well and went about the rest of our day.

Later in the evening, we saw them in the hotel lobby and again, starting talking and getting to know each other a little bit better. During the conversation, and after learning that they were from Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska, I again asked what brought them to Sisseton. This time, they said they were in town for a funeral. I apologized, remembering that I had asked earlier in the day about the “party”. They said, you know, it actually was a party and a great celebration of life.

As I was doing my daily task of hanging our banner in the lobby for the night for hotel guests to see, they called me over to give me a donation for our ride. We had a very nice conversation and they listened even more intently about the impact that their dollars will have. Michael and I thank them, wished them well and good night, and walked back to our room, with another opportunity to talk about generosity, caring, and gratitude.

And so today, we all went our separate ways, appreciating abundance and gratitude, and celebrating life.


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