Beefy rolling hills

Calm quiet morning outside of Sisseton, SD

Calm quiet morning outside of Sisseton, SD

Day 3 of the journey to Denver took us from mostly flat lands of corn and soy to the rolling hills of cattle country.  The road out of Sisseton was beautiful, climbing in elevation all day with sweeping views of beautiful ranch land.  We laughed about it being like a real-life game of Frogger (remember the old video game). Why you ask?  There were dozens of squashed baby frogs on the road that had been run over the night prior as they clung to the road for warmth in the cool evenings.  Virgil had another encounter with “Spot” today, one that made me a little more nervous given the snarling bark and lightning fast speed of the canine.  Fortunately, Virgil was able to out pedal the pooch even though he was saddled with Bob the trailer.  I tip my hat to my riding companion as he had the trailer on most of the hills today.

We didn’t roll through any towns today, just a short stop mid morning at a Sinclair station at the Summit, SD exit of I-29.  We rode parallel to the interstate most of the way to Watertown.  The thriving metropolis of Watertown (21,000+ population) was a welcome site.  We felt that given it was Sunday we needed a big “brunch” which is what we had at the local Perkins restaurant.  Bypassing the motel, we enjoyed a hungry-man breakfast/brunch/lunch among the locals before checking in and getting cleaned up for the remainder of the afternoon.  We ended the day with some healthy food from Minerva’s, the recommended spot for a Sunday night dinner.

Thank you to all of the folks online that are cheering us on.  We are posting some updates during the days to our Facebook pages, so if you are interested, check those out too.

Virgil’s Facebook page

Michael’s Facebook page

It’s off to Madison, SD tomorrow for Day 4 of Bike For Backpacks…it’s literally straight down the road 60 miles.  You get a hall pass tonight Jeff on directions. 🙂



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