Start A Team

Thank you for your interest in starting a fundraising team! To start a team, you must first be a fundraiser. Please follow the steps below to get started right away. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

Steps to Becoming a Fundraiser

    1. Click the button below to be re-directed to our fundraising page.Become A Fundraiser
    2. Once you are there, click the large blue button Become A Fundraiser.
    3. Choose whether you would like to fundraise as an Individual, Join a Team or Create a Team.
    4. You will be prompted to create a page title, add a picture, a fundraising goal, and a custom URL.
    5. You have created your own fundraising page! It will give you quick tips on how to manage your page.

Steps to Creating a Fundraising Team

  1. Once your page is created you will see a button called Create a Team.
  2. Set a team name, a fundraising goal, and a picture and then Click Create My Team. Once you do that your team has been created and you can start fundraising as a group.