The impact of the Backpack Program – a local story from North Dakota

Today, we were fortunate to meet Marcia Paulson, Director of Marketing and Development and Cari Drees, who leads the Community Events and Communications for the Great Plains Food Bank (  During a tour, as we weaved in and among the volunteers, they shared with us several stories of how those in need are helped on a daily basis by those … Read More

Meet Backpack Jack’s buddy Bob

For those of you familiar with our Give Back Program at The CE Shop, you know about Back Pack Jack – The CE Shop Foundation backpack we all take with us when we have our Day of Giving, and for me, it’s my everyday laptop bag.  Our ride from Fargo to Denver is totally self contained so we needed a … Read More

Enjoying the view

This last weekend we had the great opportunity to log 200 miles along the north shore of Lake Superior.  For the last 12 years living in Fargo I’ve been amazed at the limited number of people who take the time to visit when Duluth is only a 4 hour drive.  The shoreline of Superior is very much like being on … Read More

Challenge the comfort zone

It’s been funny the feedback we’ve received since we decided to embark upon this journey, comments like: “Wow, you guys must really be avid cyclists” “I can’t imagine ever being able to ride that far” “Seriously, Fargo to Denver?!?” “I could never do that!” Trust me when I tell you, Virgil and I really aren’t avid cyclists, we frankly haven’t … Read More

Morning training rides

I saw a friend at the gym the other day who said, “Michael, between now and the time you leave, you CANNOT spend too much time on your bike”…duly noted, thank you Mark.  So, we are heeding the call from this experienced biker and have been hitting the trail each morning for 1-2 hours each day this week. The mornings … Read More

Thank you to the REEA members

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ.  It was great to connect with my many friends who truly are the heart and soul of education in the real estate industry.  A big shout out to the regulators and REALTOR Association leaders who attended, all of us in the education world appreciate … Read More

We are off and running

A big thank you to the talented Marketing Team of Wynter, Amy and Allie at The CE Shop for putting this site together…we can’t wait to get the wheels turning and feeding those youngsters!