Beefy rolling hills

Day 3 of the journey to Denver took us from mostly flat lands of corn and soy to the rolling hills of cattle country.  The road out of Sisseton was beautiful, climbing in elevation all day with sweeping views of beautiful ranch land.  We laughed about it being like a real-life game of Frogger (remember the old video game). Why … Read More

Celebrating Life…

Upon arrival in Sisseton, SD, we met a great family on their way out of the hotel. Seeing the bicycles, and trailer, and four tired and hungry riders, they asked us what we were doing, where we were going, etc. We had an opportunity to tell them a little bit of our story. Since they were dressed up, I asked … Read More

Magellan on a bike

AKA Jeff Kolpak was up till the wee hours of the night plotting our route from Wahpeton, ND to Sisseton, SD.  One turn or two turns Jeff?  All kidding aside, thank you Jeff and Bernadette for being our travel companions today, it was great to have you along enjoying the miles together. It only took until we were 84.5 miles … Read More

We made it to Wahpeton, ND

This morning was terrific!  We were fortunate to have  Marcia Paulson from the Great Plains Food Bank escort us along with our daughter Anna Seibold and  Karen Miller her rock star mom from Fargo. It was a beautiful morning~it’s funny how you don’t appreciate where you are from until the day after “tomorrow” to appreciate it. 🙂 We connected with the … Read More

2 hours and counting…

Tires inflated – Check! Camelbacks full – Check! Motel reservations confirmed – Check! Bagels, Juice and Coffee on the way – Check! Bob and Backpack Jack ready to go – Check! Pace car decorated and ready – Check! 7:30 this morning we’ll greet our local supporters and fellow riders. 8:30 wheels-a-turnin’! Thank you to everyone for your part in making … Read More

WDAY 6: From Fargo to Denver: Bike for BackPacks

From Fargo to Denver: Bike for BackPacks By Kevin Wallevand on Jul 30, 2014 at 7:37 p.m. Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – There are runs, walks and bike races all summer-long that bring awareness to important causes in our region, but two Fargo men are hopping on their bikes this Friday, and headed west for a fight against hunger. Read more here.

The impact of the Backpack Program – a local story from North Dakota

Today, we were fortunate to meet Marcia Paulson, Director of Marketing and Development and Cari Drees, who leads the Community Events and Communications for the Great Plains Food Bank (  During a tour, as we weaved in and among the volunteers, they shared with us several stories of how those in need are helped on a daily basis by those … Read More

Meet Backpack Jack’s buddy Bob

For those of you familiar with our Give Back Program at The CE Shop, you know about Back Pack Jack – The CE Shop Foundation backpack we all take with us when we have our Day of Giving, and for me, it’s my everyday laptop bag.  Our ride from Fargo to Denver is totally self contained so we needed a … Read More

Enjoying the view

This last weekend we had the great opportunity to log 200 miles along the north shore of Lake Superior.  For the last 12 years living in Fargo I’ve been amazed at the limited number of people who take the time to visit when Duluth is only a 4 hour drive.  The shoreline of Superior is very much like being on … Read More