Day 5 2017

With Day 4 behind us, all that sat between our riders and the End-of-Ride Party was 44 miles of riding. In total, those 44 miles featured 1,985 ft. of uphill riding and 4,209 ft. downhill from Idaho Springs to Denver. Since we planned this year’s End-of-Ride Party to be slightly later than last year’s (4-8pm vs. last year’s 12-4pm), the riders … Read More

Day 4 2017

Day 4 was our second-to-last day and took us from Breckenridge to Idaho Springs. By coincidence, Mike Matoush (Curriculum Manager at The CE Shop, and second-year BFB rider) had a friend, Brad Peer, who was in Breckenridge attending a DECA conference. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for great careers. Being a DECA rockstar in years past, … Read More

Day 3 2017

Day 3 has come and gone, and the fall colors have gotten more intense throughout the mountains. The riders woke up to a chilly morning in Leadville and took to their bikes for a beautiful ride up Fremont Pass. At an altitude of 11,316 feet, Fremont Pass is the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, and a weathered … Read More

Day 2 2017

The sun has set on another great day of Bike For Backpacks, and our Day 2 plan ended up changing just a bit. The journey from Aspen to Twin Lakes includes the formidable Independence Pass, which is a 20-mile climb to a peak height of 12,095 feet. With the wind blowing hard and the air thinner than ever, it’s an … Read More

Day 1 2017

Day 1 of Bike For Backpacks 2017 is behind us, and everyone survived the 42 miles from Glenwood Springs to Aspen. Five riders rode into Aspen yesterday at about 2pm, and a sixth joined us a few hours later. Being the resident camera geek for The CE Shop Foundation, I wanted to capture better footage of the ride itself, so … Read More

What happened on Day 1 & 2…epic

Hello Bike for Backpacks Fans!  We are two days into our journey and although our Marketing Team is rockin’ the media I wanted to get a written update for those that are following. We are now two days into the trip and let me just say, we have an AWESOME crew this year.  It’s great fun to have multiple riders … Read More

One more day until show time!

Bike for Backpacks 2016 is here! Tomorrow we gather as a team and drive from Denver, CO to Glenwood Springs, CO to begin our cycling adventure.  A BIG thank you to the team at The CE Shop for all of your support in getting ready for this year’s ride and end of ride event. Today we are organizing and packing … Read More

Training, Training and Fund Raising

6 of the Bike for Backpacks 2016 riding crew were able to get together on Saturday, August 20th for an awesome ride up Deer Creek Canyon.  Mike Matoush, Cyrus Irani, Michael Turra, Virgil Seibold, Chris McClain and myself, Michael McAllister. Thank you Cyrus for charting the course and direction for the ride and Chris for your gazelle like speed, you … Read More

Thank you Denver Cherry Creek Rotary Club

  I had the opportunity to present The CE Shop  Foundation and Bike for Backpacks 2016 to this esteemed group of community supporters earlier this week. Most of you are likely familiar with the Rotary Club and their mission, however I was not.  “Service above Self” is their moto and one that this Cherry Creek Chapter is living and breathing. … Read More

Welcome 2016 Bike For Backpack Riders

The 2016 Bike For Backpacks Fundraising Ride, schedule for September 13-17 is firing up.  We are riding through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado again this year and we have additional riders coming along for the journey this year.  Welcome this awesome cast of riders…or cast of “Mikes”… Jason Lampe, my former roommate from our days at CU Boulder.  We are … Read More