How Would You Spend $1.6 Billion?

Until a single ticket in South Carolina won the entire pot, the Mega Millions lottery jackpot sat at a record $1.6 billion. To put that in movie terms, that’s roughly the entire amount that 2015’s Jurassic World made in the worldwide box office. With the average American salary sitting around $44,564, the lottery was worth about 35,903 years of work. … Read More

We did it again!

We hit our goal of raising $20K to feed the kids at Marie L. Greenwood Academy! The 5th Annual Bike for Backpacks event was a huge success! Integrating our efforts into the larger and long-standing success of the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival turned out to be a winning combination. We learned a great deal about the event and have many … Read More

End-of-Ride Event 2017

With event volunteers and attendees lining both sides of the bike path cheering, our cyclists concluded their ride by biking in to our End-of-Ride Event at Saint Patrick’s Brewery in Littleton, Colorado. In total, they cycled 226 miles in an accident-free 4th year of Bike For Backpacks. Our End-of-Ride Event was slightly different than last year, despite being in the … Read More

Day 5 2017

With Day 4 behind us, all that sat between our riders and the End-of-Ride Party was 44 miles of riding. In total, those 44 miles featured 1,985 ft. of uphill riding and 4,209 ft. downhill from Idaho Springs to Denver. Since we planned this year’s End-of-Ride Party to be slightly later than last year’s (4-8pm vs. last year’s 12-4pm), the riders … Read More

Day 4 2017

Day 4 was our second-to-last day and took us from Breckenridge to Idaho Springs. By coincidence, Mike Matoush (Curriculum Manager at The CE Shop, and second-year BFB rider) had a friend, Brad Peer, who was in Breckenridge attending a DECA conference. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for great careers. Being a DECA rockstar in years past, … Read More