New Year, New Giving

America’s economy is the strongest it’s been in years, and the national unemployment rate currently sits at 3.7%, which is the lowest in over a decade. With so much positive news, it’s easy to forget that the country has a problem with wealth inequality, and that many Americans go hungry every day. According to Feeding America, about 1 in 5 … Read More

Giving Tuesday

Around this time of year, it becomes clear how many recently-invented “holidays” there are. From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday, there seems to be a plethora of colors and hyper-specific sales peppered into the space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s as if retailers only recently realized how willing Americans are to part with their … Read More

How Would You Spend $1.6 Billion?

Until a single ticket in South Carolina won the entire pot, the Mega Millions lottery jackpot sat at a record $1.6 billion. To put that in movie terms, that’s roughly the entire amount that 2015’s Jurassic World made in the worldwide box office. With the average American salary sitting around $44,564, the lottery was worth about 35,903 years of work. … Read More

We did it again!

We hit our goal of raising $20K to feed the kids at Marie L. Greenwood Academy! The 5th Annual Bike for Backpacks event was a huge success! Integrating our efforts into the larger and long-standing success of the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival turned out to be a winning combination. We learned a great deal about the event and have many … Read More

End-of-Ride Event 2017

With event volunteers and attendees lining both sides of the bike path cheering, our cyclists concluded their ride by biking in to our End-of-Ride Event at Saint Patrick’s Brewery in Littleton, Colorado. In total, they cycled 226 miles in an accident-free 4th year of Bike For Backpacks. Our End-of-Ride Event was slightly different than last year, despite being in the … Read More